For the marketing team of Alstom Thermal, I turned graphic elements, within the Corporate Identity of Alstom, into attractive designs. For the annual conferences a program booklet, batches, roll up, invitationa, USB-Stick giveaway, etc. I also illustrate infographic for their internal use, diagrams and icons.

Alstom is one of the global technology leader in power generation, power transmission and rail transport. The cooperation with such a big company was very interesting. Everything has there directives and specifications which sometimes, was not easy to be creative, but on the other hand it was a challenge which I enjoyed.




ETH Nachhaltigkeitswoche 2014

I was the creator of all graphic design elements for the second „Nachhaltigkeit Woche“ sustainability week of the ETH university 2014. ETH is the most known universities in the city of Zürich, Switzerland. A group of students came together an organised this week of living more sustainable. In relation to energy, room use, consumption and limits. I created templates for the students, so they could use them, add their content and print it in the university, if possible. Flyer, poster, nameplates and even for there website, I created a template.

I am also aware of this topic, for living more sustainable. Therefore, it was a about interesting project. I was impressed to see which power students can have to realise a such important topic! This event takes place every year, so if you are in the beginning of March in Zurich, this is really something I can recommend to visit and it’s for free.

–> Have a look at the program booklet 2014





My client just stared with his own business as a Physiotherapist, for sports athletes. I decided to use dark colors for the logo, because of his (manly) male costumes. Black with the bright turquoise, which also where the favorite colors of my client. Within this change I also created a template for his website, which he installed with the help of a friend.

I created a modern and high quality illustrative Logo for high print quality, with 100% Vector graphic. The Adobe Illustrator file can be processed in all formats. Like PDF, EPS or JPG.

A modern Corporate Design for a Jung, active client in my age.


2012 /2013