In 2012 I started my own blog, with the topic of living healthier. I actually had some health issues which incurred to a big problem. So I researched a lot and found out, that I am sensitive about gluten and processed food. Which changed my food habits drastically and I wanted to share this information with others.

Whit the time my partner and I decided to live apart from our modern world that we lived so far. We thought, there most be a more sustainable and healthy way. To take control of our health, food and lifestyle. By researching we soon found the very interesting principles of Permaculture. We were fascinated and thought, that is what we want to do! But, in a Country where the food grows all year long.

In August 2014 we deichet to explore Lateinamerika and started in Paraguay. Went over to Bolivia, Colombia and now we’re in Ecuador. We still seeking a property for our project named PermaTree –>

I started a diary on GreenTina, mostly for my family and friends of Switzerland, that’s why it’s in German. Especially for my parents who were afraid to let me go in a foreign country, which is far away!

In this case, the diary helped a lot, that my parents do not have to worry anymore!

2012 until today


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