I’m passionate about design. I love my clients and I never stop learning or challenging myself.

Hi, I am Btina. I am a Swiss digital nomad, in Latin America. I specialize in graphic design, corporate design, print- and webdesign for businesses of all sizes. My clients include big international corporations as well as small and medium local business. My woks includes, from designing books and magazines, to creating logos and websites. I bring a fresh perspective to every project, delivering work on time and on budget. I travel as often as I can gain inspiration and new perspectives. I am a flexible, talented, experienced graphic designer. For the last several years, I have more or less been a one woman shop operator, as a small full service creative agency. 95% of my clients have come to me through word of mouth and almost all are repeat customers. I believe that building strong relationships with clients and collaborators is the key to not only succeeding in this business, but in doing it joyfully.

I offer

Corporate Design, Logodesign, Businesscards, Graphic design, Flyer, Brochures, Websites, Webbanner, WordPress, Illustration with Adobe Illustrator, Infographic, Photography,


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Bettina Veith E-Mail: b.veith(at)diefarben.com Skype ID: bettinaveith1

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Xing: Bettina_Veith2 Linkedin: bettina-veith About.me: BtinaVeith Slideshare: BtinaVeith Quora: Btina-Veith


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